Another idea that Ive been thinking a lot about is time. In the sense that time doesn't really move forward like how we customarily visualize time to behave. Time actually more accurately explodes. And not just for me or you, it explodes from every atom and when it begins to exist it explodes again. I wanted to really think about that idea, and in doing so I have been doing a lot of sitting and observing and recording the most seemingly mundane things. For 24 minutes on Wednesday I filmed a Smokie vendour setting up on English Bay for the fireworks festival. It wasn't until I got home and played back the video that I realized a story of the Smokie stand from the beginning set up and up to its first customer was all neatly encapsulated in that 24 minutes. And things existed around it; in the background and to the left and right of it, but it was the Smokie stand that still exists in my head. Time is constantly creating presence, it doesn't discriminate between pivotal historical events from the everyday mundane. Time only grows significance once we package it up and convert it into memories.

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