Oh yeah...

My man, David Altmejd, won the Sobey Art Prize. Le sigh.

An interview with David Chang.

David Chang is the owner of the Momofuku restaurants and bakery in New York. This 2008 Charlie Rose interview is a nice insight into his way of thinking. Chang is one of my inspirations. Lined up with seeing Guernica and reading Guns, Germs and Steel, eating at Momofuku Noodle Bar a year ago has to be one of the most surprisingly inspiring experiences I have come across in the last couple of years.
I know, I know. It sounds stupid and really pretentious go back to art school chatter.
But the way he composes complicated flavours, texture and technique in his work had such resonance. It was the first time I realized that eating can be an intelligent activity. I am still blown away by how his work interacted with me.