Who's gonna save soul now?

I woke up really wanting to see this video.


3 things I'm actually working on in the shop.

1- The shop itself.
Ive been working on my studio space since the first hour I got back to Vancouver and I am only now really just getting going. I pulled up the flooring, prepped the raw concrete to be stained and sealed. I still need to build a wall and paint the walls and the ceiling. I have plans for a retractable wall so that I can shrink or enlarge the space accordingly and hide stuff for storage. But the deal is, I also needed to get a job to pay off my massive debt. So progress has been a tortoise pace. I plan to have the entire thing completed by August 15.

2- Thin man/Fat lady chair.
I am going back to my furniture making roots with a new piece. This one is more furniture than art. And yes, the third chair related piece in the last 9 months. I found a great 60's Canadian/Danish influenced armchair frame and I still have 2 massive cushions that I acquired from my days working at Bensen. I am mainly inspired by an image that has been in my head for a couple of months now.
Sitting on a park bench, a tall thin man embraces his short, fat wife who sits on his lap. I want him to be the thin wood sparse chair frame while she is the over sized cushion.

3- Nothing is abstract anymore.
In my last months in Toronto, I started to experiment with drippings of watered down acrylics on paper. I was then taking lyrics from songs and adding the lyrics on top of the abstraction. I was hoping that the juxtaposition would create organization aesthetically and in meaning. I have started working larger scale now on stretched cotton and watered down acrylic reductions. I have canvases that are 4ft x 8ft of stretched grey cotton and white vinyl.