How do you really measure something as ethereal as confidence anyway?

Words from my friend Salimah:
"Maybe, I have been spending too much time around the Olympic flame, but I don't think so: there is certainly something profound going on in Vancouver at the moment. Everyone knew the games would have an impact - some believed positive, others thought negative - but I agree with Mr. Mason, that the level on which this moment has inspired the opportunity for furthering a deeply Canadian conversation - on our identity, our history, our plurality, our future - has come as a surprise. A very welcome one."

and the words that inspired her words.


Objecthood and recalling a walk with you.

This is my first real attempt at painting. I guess I am approaching this prototypically, but its the only way I really know how to approach things. I didn't think painting would be so cerebral and oddly enough, despite the fact that the painting is a recollection of a memory, all I can think about is commodity and owning.