Sobey Art Award Longlist.

Im pretty sure my man, David, is gonna win it, but here's the longlist anyways.

Westcoast and Yukon
Rhonda Weppler & Trevor Mahovsky; Luanne Martineau; Keith Langergraber; Evan Lee; Julie York

Prairies and the North
Paul Butler; Marcel Dzama; Sarah Anne Johnson; Jon Pylypchuk; Althea Thauberger

Shary Boyle; Christian Giroux & Daniel Young; Luis Jacob; Kelly Richardson; Derek Sullivan

David Altmejd; Raphaƫlle de Groot; Manon De Pauw; Pascal Grandmaison; Adad Hannah

Alexandra Flood; Tara K. Wells; Ilan Sandler; Graham Patterson; Joe McKay


The Rock, kinda rocks.

If you didn't see SNL last weekend, you kinda need to. Run, don't walk. Dwayne Johnson hosts and I gotta say, the man has great comedic talent. He does a Chicago-esque opening number, chair and sequenced vest and all.

Bob and Jack

Bob and Jack met each other 52 years ago in Germany while serving in the Army. It was love at first sight. A recent interview on the 2 reveals why they regret not getting married before the re-ban.

Hyper-Rationality Architecture - Joshua Prince-Ramus

When I start research for a new piece I habitually turn to TED for jumping off points. In doing more research on community I came upon Joshua Prince-Ramus. Here he discusses his own brand of architectural style he has labeled Hyper-Rationality. Basically, he takes rationality to an anal retentive extent. In this TED talk he discusses spaces, organization, function and why he's not a starchitect.

Obama for stem cell research.

Another big news for stem cell research. The limits set by the Bush administration will be undone by the Obama administration this week.

A playlist for tonight.


For the No Love of Damien Hirst.

A couple of months ago Damien Hirst sued a 16 year kid for appropriating an image of his diamond encrusted skull, For the Love of God. Despite thinking his skull is crap and despite this asshole move, I still really like Damien Hirst. A group of crusader, however, don't agree and have banded together to stick it to Mr. Formaldehyde, all in the name of art and appropriation. Led by former KLF member, James Cauty, these guys aren't afraid of Hirst's lawyers.

PS. Favorite art gag.