Inspired by Philip Johnson's Crystal Cathedral in Orange County, Cathedral is the first of a body of work in which I hope to explore relationships between religion and spirituality; substance and the immaterial, structure and the sublime. My intent is not to critique Catholicism or spirituality, but to explore how the 2 work in relation with each other; how one produces the other and how one propagates the other. Installed in the interior of structure are a system of mirrors and glass. In the process of creating the interior mechanics of the structure, I realized the importance of the audience interaction to look into the Cathedral. In peering into the cross of the structure, a blinding kaleidoscopic light can be seen. Physically, the audience is allowed to see how the piece works. This process became important to me because it allows the audience to see what I perceive as the bridging element between the 2 dynamics. To me this action is my metaphor of how I began to explore religion and spirituality. A peering into and understanding and not understanding how it all works at the same time.

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